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Everything Business Owners Should Know About Ontario’s Minimum Wage Hike

You may have noticed news reports on Premier Wynne’s changes to labour laws in recent weeks, including a new minimum wage and added benefits for workers. This affects all businesses – but many..

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Summer Construction Survival Tips for Small Businesses

Most cities in Canada have two seasons: winter and construction - or so the saying goes. We asked our Toronto team how small businesses adapt during the construction season and wanted to share the..

8 Questions to Ask when Applying for Small Business Loans Online

In today's internet-savvy world, applying for a small business loan has transitioned from a complicated in-person process to an easy online application. Not all online lenders are equal though...

10 Tips For Small Businesses Using QuickBooks

QuickBooks is absolutely essential accounting software. Nearly every small business owner uses it because it simplifies bookkeeping. This doesn’t mean QuickBooks is easy to use. It requires some..

7 Tips To Help You Negotiate With Suppliers

Many businesses that used to have multiple suppliers to choose from no longer have that luxury. In some industries, the number of suppliers has decreased to the point that buyers have no choice..

Small Business Owners: What’s Hurting Your Credit Score (and How You Can Improve It)

For small business owners, your credit score is your golden ticket to ensure your access to the working capital loans you need for your small business. Credit scores are calculated by using data from..

How to Run Your Small Business From Anywhere in the World

Whether it’s from your home or on a tropical beach, your small business may offer you the flexibility to work from anywhere in the world. To ensure you stay motivated and your productivity level..

5 Ways to Manage Small Business Spending

Cash flow is the bread and butter that makes (and breaks) your small business. In order to have a healthy cash flow, small businesses must ensure their spending and expenses are managed and..

10 Reasons Small Businesses Fail and How to Avoid Them

It’s estimated that 30% of Canadian small businesses don’t make it past the second year, and a further 20% don’t survive more than 5 years (Industry Canada). While this might seem like a discouraging..

Why Small Business Insurance is Essential

Small business owners and entrepreneurs can appreciate the dedication, hard work and sacrifice that goes into building a business. Despite even the best efforts to manage risk, a denied insurance..

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